Under the radar dining suggestions

I’ve been to WDW a dozen or more times, with 7 week-long trips since 2008 with kids so we’ve eaten at quite a few WDW restaurants. I am planning an adults-only trip for May and trying to find a few new restaurants to try. We are going to try Cali Grill and Le Cellier this time (never been to either!!) so I’m not looking for more signature dining suggestions. But what places do you like that are not the typical recommendations? In park, resort, or Disney Springs…GO!

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Number one tip…Resort lunch. Leave a park for lunch(particularly easy from MK and Ep). Resort restaurants are usually slow during midday.

And if you want a challenge…No Repeat Week. Make a list of every place that you have dined, and do not repeat any of those(unless there has been a MAJOR change in the menu). Snacks and bars, exempt.


I love the no repeat week idea!


I’ve done No Repeat Week three times, and loved it. The restriction forces one out of their comfort zone.


Guess I am just the opposite. We like to go where we have been because we know what were in for. If I could go every couple months I would probably try a no repeat week, but when you go once a year and spend the money you do you kind of want meals to go well. Not saying we don’t try new restaurants now and then but we do tend to stick to one’s we know are good. Because we have been on the meal plan for all of our trips so far, I have a hard time justifying signature restaurants that use two credits. I mean like everyone else I would like to try them but meal credits are not cheap and two for a meal seems to us to be excessive just for a little better quality.

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I should have mentioned that No Repeat Week is for frequent visitors. I enjoyed it back when
I visited 4 or 5 times a year. Certainly it’s not for everyone.

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I always start with what I am repeating. I am going to have to think about this.

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My family always wants to go to the same. Old. Places.

I made a rule two trips back: each of us gets to pick an old favorite and a new experience for TS. With 4 of us and 8 TS it works! I’d be in heaven if we did a no repeat week!!

Mama might bend the rules and pick two newbies.


Monsieur Paul (France) and Jiko (AKL), in my opinion, have the best food in WDW outside of V&A.


Tiffins for me is the best

Monsieur Paul not far behind

HBD third

They are all pretty much “above the radar” though

The Moroccan restuarant in epcot at the back not near the lake is under the radar and very tasty

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I really loved Jiko and Tiffins while I was there.

California Grill and Flying Fish tied closely behind.

I would love to try Artist Point and Monsieur Paul.

Not sure that I would call them under the radar but YUMMY indeed!

Sanaa is a great experience.

And I had one of the tastiest meals of my life at Le Cellier. My only complaint — far, far, far too much food!

I’ll recommend the Wave for breakfast.
Sanaa for lunch or dinner.
Kona Cafe for lunch.
Brown Derby Lounge (you can ask for the full dining room menu too).
Spice Road Table


I like the food at le celier but the restaurant itself is just a bit meh IMO. . No theme to it and people all packed in together.

Great service though

Yes, I found it quite claustrophobic. It’s dark and cramped and underground (or seems like it).

But the food was just so delicious. Which probably just means it had loads of salt and fat in it. Yum! I felt like my dog must feel when he eats human food.

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Kona cafe and Wave we did both and loved them. Anyone who ever goes comments how much they enjoy them and we agree.

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The “theme” is a wine cellar, and to that end I think it succeeds. But I agree with you about being packed in.

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Not everyone… :slight_smile:

I had breakfast at Kona and my impression was Denny’s with bamboo (good coffee, though). I find the Wave to be perhaps the most unattractive TS location in WDW, and the service was SO bad the one time I went for dinner (over 2 hours for a cup of soup and a steak) it ranks as my all-time least enjoyable TS meal that I’ve had at WDW. But you’re right - the vast majority of people have really good reports about both.

Appreciate the opposing view. We had dinner and breakfast at Kona and for dinner especially loved it because we got bread pudding from Ohana and sushi from sushi bar not on menu. We had dinner at Wave and did spend around 2.5 hours with friends whole meet us at Disney for dinner as we are in St. Louis and they are in Tampa so maybe was slow but we didn’t notice.

well yes it’s a cellar for sure!

Can’t fault the food or service though

But prof matt - try monsieur Paul if you love le celier

Same quality but nicer setting

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