Unable to remove extra locations in itinerary

I have my itinerary all set up but can’t figure out how to remove a couple of locations that are in my “Day 1” in error. When I try to edit, it just doesn’t give me the option of removing “Epcot” on my “Magic Kingdom” day. So it looks like I’m going to two parks in one day, which I’m not.

If this is in your dash board you need to go into the actual plan and either delete the plan or change its date to another date that you want to use it.

I agree with @mumcalsop. If a park is listed for a date, then you must have a plan that uses that date. If you want to keep the plan for reference, just change the date to something a week or so later - just to get it out of your trip view. I had several versions of my plans for each park and day, just to try to decide which I liked best, then finally either deleted or changed dates on the ones I was not going to use.

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