Umbrella Rule?

I’m unclear about the umbrella rule. On September 18 I can book FastPasses for my wife and I. We have 10 family member joining us later in the trip. We’re staying at the Wilderness Lodge from November 17-26. The rest are arriving at different days at Beach Club. When it’s time to make my picks can I make it for everyone, even if they’re not eligable to make their Fastpasses yet? Thank you

Yes. I believe it’s for the dates of your trip. And someone from the onsite group must be in the fpp party, so you can’t just book for them to do their own thing.

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You can make a FP for yourself and then add the rest of your party on your FP day. You can even remove yourself from the party and schedule something else (if you have diverging plans), but once you are out of the party you can no longer modify theirs FP (until it gets to theirs FP day)


Thank you

Thanks for your help

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Have you done this since March? They made a lot of updates during February, and one of them was that you can no longer remove yourself (or rather every onsite guest) from the FP group. Even afterwards.

If you’ve done it since then, that is an exception not the normal experience.


Everyone must be linked to you in MDE, even minors or those managed by someone else. That can sometimes be a problem to sort out, but make sure ahead of time that you can see each person in MDE.

There may also be a limit as to how many people you can umbrella in now (part of the changes made during Feb 2019). I’m not sure how you can check that, the chances are if you phone you will just be told you’ll need to wait for their FP day.


May be kind of self limiting. There are 2 onsite and 10 offsite. 1 onsite required in fpp group so they’ll be looking for groups of 6 minimum. I imagine that makes it hard to get some fpp even at 60+ days out.


I did it last week. People without a hotel linked had a completely different FP set, so I did remove all onsite guests from FPs after scheduling them. Once you try to edit without a onsite guest you get the “something went wrong” message, but you can cancel. This was on MDE app, Disney it is weird enough that this might matter.

I was not in either group, just editing for friends (again, in case it matters)


Ah OK.

So maybe they just removed the loophole that let you do that when first booking, where you could remove yourself before you confirmed the FP.

Good to know though. :slight_smile:

A slight word of warning though, to anyone following. If you removed all onsite guests before the offsite group’s 30 day mark, you run the risk of their FPs being deleted, when the systems identify they have FPs more than 30 days out but no onsite stay.


Yes, I got this error when I was booked for friends who came in a few days later with APs. Nothing got canceled but they got emails that they would be.

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Sometimes nothing happens after those emails. Other times the FPs have been deleted within 24 hours.

I think they have a procedure in place but don’t always follow through.

I also think that those who actually cancel a reservation have a higher chance of losing FPs than those who fall under the umbrella policy.

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Thank you everyone