Ultimate Night of Adventure VIP or Private VIP for AK?

Considering doing one of these VIP tours as an insurance policy against not getting a FP for FOP, since we only have one half day that AK is viable for our plan. DH, DD7, DS5, and me. Not sure that we need a full 4 hours or the large group of the Ultimate Night of Adventure; was considering doing just a private VIP tour for a couple of hours instead, to hit our highlights? Thoughts or comparisons?

Did you see the bit about a minimum of 7 hours for the Private VIP tours? It’s not under “pricing”, it’s under the “know before you go”.

At $400+ per hour, that’s going to add up to more than the AK Ultimate Night of Adventure tour unless you have a huge party.

A-ha! Thanks. I knew my questions seemed too easy.

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