UK vs USA deals, Disney accommodation, tickets and Dining plan

So here is my query, and it would be great if someone from USA can add USA prices.

I can book the following from the UK or I could call up and buy a USA deal or just get the hotel from a US site.

August 12th 2020 14 nights 2 adults 1 child(10)
Staying CBR Standard room
14 day tickets(UK ones include everything, water parks, park hopper AND memory maker)
Quick Service Dining Plan
Total - £4,543 or $5,910

What sort of price would i pay if i did this on my USA credit card?(I live in UK but hold a USA card)


On the website, you can switch to the US version and price it up yourself. But not yet because they can’t book yet. Not till June.

I’d be interested to hear how? I tried this a lot yesterday, with and without a VPN, in incognito mode too and it always pulls me back to UK site.

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I always use the website on my phone and I’m not sure you can do it on there but I know others have done it. People have mentioned doing it to use the online chat facility on the US site. It’s not going directly to the US site, but changing the language option or something like that.

But either way, you can’t get prices till June.

thanks so USA website wont go as far ahead as UK then? I can book now on UK site for those dates.

No, their packages for 2020 only get released in June. They can book room only on the phone 499 days out but the price isn’t confirmed until packages are released. UK always gets a head start.

ah didn’t realise that.

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Based on 2019 prices you’d be paying $7,386 for a similar package. The tickets in this package are only for 10 days, but would include hopper and water parks.

Good point, US can’t get longer than 10 day tickets can you.

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As far as I know, no. I’ve not seen it offered anywhere.

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Thanks, I thought UK would be cheaper didn’t realise we got it that much better.

Still surprised more Americans do t just buy from UK site! All these people spending thousands on gift cards to save 5% and according to that it’s almost 20% cheaper and better tickets.

They can’t book from the U.K. site. You need a U.K. IP address plus a U.K. delivery address.

Or rather, a non US or Canadian IP address and delivery address.

This used to be the case for me.

However I think there’s been an update. I just checked and although I was redirected to the U.K. site at first, I was able to change the tickets page back to the US site, and get all the way to checkout.

I guess I can stop practicing my British accent now…

I’m assuming these differences are there to lure non-North American folks over due to more expensive travel and such. That has always been my assumption. Are annual passes available for UK residents? Just curious since you can get longer than 10 days.


Very easy to get a TEMP UK adress a VPN and they don’t actually post anything to us except advertising stuff.

$1058 is my price for annual platinum plus ticket.

Yes, but you have to enter a valid U.K. address to qualify. So you would need a plan to get those deals.

And to activate the tickets at GS I believe you need to provide ID, so a British passport or licence. Unless you are staying onsite, when you would check in and provid a passport or licence at the front desk. (You have to at least visit the front desk, since they won’t text to a U.K. mobile number, unless you had a US sim already).

Wayyyy too much hassle IMO! :joy:

not really any hassle, maybe 15 mins to set up a Uk adress through a post forwarding service.

and using a US passport upon check in is fine I checked that already. e.g you could be a US passport holder who lives in UK or works there.

very simple way of saving couple of grand and thats at a moderate resort for 3 people!


I live in the NL and I can also buy the UK tickets through an official UK seller ( attraction tickets direct ). They have 7, 14 and 21 “ultimate” tickets, giving you unlimited entry to any park ( including water park ) for the chosen number of days. The 14 days currently is GBP405 and include memory maker. I ended up buying the combo with Universal also, it is a 14 day ticket for both Disney and Universal, including memory maker and Blue Man Group show, it was GBP 682. They deliver in the NL, so I guess the rest of Europe can buy as well.

So how long are the tickets bought on a UK plan good? I noticed you get 14 days for the price of 7 and 21 really not much more. Are they only good for a set number of days from activation? Similar to our tickets? I know the husband and I would not be able to swing 2 consecutive weeks away from work, but if we could use them later???