UK visitors, how long did it take you from landing to hotel with DME?

We arrive at MCO from London at 4pm and have a 8pm ADR at 1900 fare. Are we likely to have much time to spare? How long on average is customs there, and then around 90 mins on DME?

Customs just depends. Quite often a flight from Manchester and a flight from London arrive at the same time and if you’re at the back of that queue you’re looking at a very long wait. But ME shouldn’t be anything like 90 mins, it’s not a long drive. I’d say worst case scenario 3 hours.

ETA but if your plane is delayed 2 hours, you’ll almost certainly miss it even if you have the best case scenario at the airport. It’s s really bad idea to schedule a TS in arrival day unless you land in the morning, and even then you never know.

The other factor is where are you staying? If GF (or any monorail hotel really), I think you’re fine, if you’re at Pop you may have a little more trouble as you need to Uber or bus to MK and then monorail/boat back to the GF.

Flight delays are always an issue - we always like to start our trip with a meal at Le Cellier and one year was a mad scramble to make it - we were very late, but fortunately the CMs at the Poly were great in calling over, comp’ing us a cab to Epcot and Le Cellier got us in. It probably helped we were skewing towards a less busy time, but I was impressed by all they did to help us out…

We made it that night as we have dining plan & booked all other TS ADRs. If we do have delayed flight and can’t make it how late can we cancel? If we don’t cancel in time can a TS credit just come off the DDP? Has anyone else had over 3 hrs from landing to arriving at hotel?

Official policy is 24 hours prior to cancel - I believe it is legal to “reschedule” some time > 24 hours out and then cancel though. Cancellation is $10 per guest which is far less than a TS credit and presumably you’ll need to eat anyway and likely use that credit elsewhere. If your flight did get delayed, I would just talk to the hotel front desk and explain when you arrive and in all likelihood they’ll get the penalty waived. No guarantees of course, but I’d be surprised if they refused to waive the fee…

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A couple of hours to get through Immigration and Customs at a busy time is a reasonable estimate. It can be quicker but in my experience it isn’t quick - the automated terminals cause more hold ups, as you queue for them and then have to queue again to speak to an immigration official. Then you have to get across to the other terminal, either with luggage or after putting it back onto the luggage carousel.

At DME, if you have left your luggage, you’ll need to go to the desk and give them your luggage receipts before getting in line for the coach.

After getting to the resort, you then have to get to the ADR, so if it’s not at your own resort that will add more time.

I would give yourself 4 hours from landing to getting to an ADR. If it’s at your resort, then 3.5 may be OK.

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We had a 1245pm flight from Manchester and did not get to OKW till about 8,0,clock Disney time because we sat on the plane for 45minutes after landing at Orlando International because 4 more planes had landed so customs was very busy but we did go August time

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Oh god I’m on the 12.45 next August :joy::joy: We had a 10.30 flight the time before and arrived at POFQ about 4.

No don’t panic we have been on that flight before and this only happened once I’m sure your be fine :+1:

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I’m not too worried, we’ll only visit the food court and go to bed anyway so not the end of the world.

My flight is scheduled to arrive at 2.30pm. I need to take an Uber to the house in Davenport, dump my bags, change into Florida clothes, then Uber to MK. I want to be at Frontierland by 7.30pm.

Our reservation is 4 hrs from landing and not at our resort so unless our flight is delayed hopefully we’ll be ok.

Of course it’ll be 5 hrs behind so our ADR is 1am UK time. :tired_face:Hopefully kids will get some nap on the plane. They’re party animals though (have been known to stay up til 2am with no bad consequences) so fingers crossed they’re ok.