UK Ultimate 14 day tickets

Hi all

I was just wondering about the UK 14 day ultimate ticket. We leave for 2 weeks in AKL on Sunday, landing at Orlando at 3.25pm local time. I appreciate it will take a few hours to get through security at the airport, and then get to our resort, but we hope to be in our room around 7pm.

If the kids are up for it, if we go to MK for a quick evening visit, would that burn a single day out of our 14 day tickets? We don't fly home until 6.15pm on Sunday 31st August, so if we did burn a day for a couple of hours on our first night, am i right in thinking we wouldn't be able to go to any parks on our final day.

Have i got that right?

You are right that the UK 14 day ticket gives you 14 consecutive calendar days regardless of the time of day you start. So if you go on the first Sunday night, even for 1 minute, it will end on your last Saturday.
We set off the day before you, and have decided to save ticket for last day as our flight is in the evening too. In previous years we've hit a water park on the last day, as it gives you the chance to cool off and get changed before heading to the airport smile

Thanks @dbtlancs

I think, if the kids are up for it, a trip to Downtown might be in order instead for our arrival day. Definitely want to visit some park on our last day

Enjoy your trip. Safe journey.