UK person making US reservation

Is there any downside to a UK person making a WDW hotel reservation via the US website?

I need to do this because I cannot find the room I want on the UK site.

It would be room-only as the UK ticket pricing is much better than the US ticket pricing. This means the DDP is not an option.

The deposit is higher, but the cancellation terms are much more generous.

There is some risk in currency fluctuations as the balance won’t be paid until check-in next summer and who knows what the exchange rate will be by then.

Anything I’ve missed?

Always a risk in currency fluctuations but, usually its not that wild of a ride. I would look into CC foreign transactions fees as they may apply. If its the room u want, and ur willing to take a chance, go for it!


I have a card that doesn’t charge these.


I may be wrong, but I think u can add DDP to a room only res.

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This is definately a wild ride! I havent had the opportunity to discuss this with the people it most effects. I know this is off topic and if its too much to ask, say so, but could u give me ur prospective on the whole situation and the possibility of an exit with no deal?


Once I’ve booked the flight (which is non-refundable) the cancellation terms become irrelevant. I have to go on those dates.

The saving is £130, but the UK pricing includes a discount on the DDP, which makes it quite attractive, and the room is a preferred room.

All the better!

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It’s going to be a never-ending massive upheaval, which may well be catastrophic. I can’t see any advantages, only huge disadvantages. No deal is looking increasingly likely.

The pound has fallen and continues to fall as a result of Brexit, making WDW vacations (and Apple products) hundreds of pounds more expensive.


Thats aweful!


Other opinions are available. But the drop in the pound has cost me hundreds, maybe even into the thousands, of pounds. For zero benefit.

As regards the substance of the thread, I’m leaning towards the UK pricing. I’d like to stay in the Toy Story section, and those rooms are all preferred.

I tend to like preferred, they are usually more convenient. We got toy story last visit at movies. We were 3rd floor but close to the stairs at the end of the wing, closest to the dining hall. No room request sent. If u can get a deal with UK dining plan, it may work out better financially. Disney food is so expensive!

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Yep! It is a ticketless package.