UK liners - free dining!

Apparently Virgin have emailed customers to say free dining is out. It’s not showing direct with Disney yet so whether you can actually book, I don’t know, but seems like you can get a quote at least.


I had a play on Virgin’s website just for funzies. I could only find free dining in October 2019, which was at YC and BC. Oddly DME didn’t seem to be part of the package. Minimum stay was five nights. Deposit was £175. Premium Economy and five nights in a standard room, including dining and park tickets, was £3,500.

I’ve done a quote for my Aug 2019 holiday, there was a good choice of hotels - POFQ was an option which is where we’ll stay. I think it’s always 5 days minimum. I noticed the DME thing, that was very strange. Anyway, it was horrendously expensive, but going through Virgin always is. Still nothing from any of the cheaper TAs.

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I had a quick look at August — vastly more than October!

I think there will be more for October at a later date.

I meant vastly more money!

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Hahaha! Someone was complaining there weren’t many resorts so I had it in my mind. Plus, summer is always more expensive so I didn’t think it needed saying!!

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Good to price it up! We saved over a Grand not going through virgin with our December trip, still flying virgin though. That’s a lot of dough! :open_mouth:

I hope to save more than a grand over Virgin’s quote, it was ridiculous!

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For double funzies I thought I’d have a look at Disney’s direct pricing. And I got this:

That’s further than I could get this morning!

Did you guys see this?

I just watched Tim Tracker he stayed at All Star Movies the other day he prepaid for the room and used advanced check-in and was not charged for overnight parking. I don’t think the parking fee is working out well for Disney. I called to change my dates a month ago and asked if I would have to pay for parking now. The CM said no because I booked so long ago, he also said he had no idea to charge me any way.

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This is old news! As in it’s been known since the fees were announced, just not up on the site.

Under EU law, packages that are already being sold cannot have terms and conditions changed. Since UK (and any other EU) travel agents sell packages for the whole of the following calendar year, that covers all of 2019 too.

And it’ looks like Disney has a 2 year deal with the UK travel agents, meaning any packages they sell for 2020 are also covered.

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