UK Liners - FPP and your tickets

Hi UK Liners, I’m closing in on my FPP date and would like reassurance (if possible) that once our date hits we will be able to select. We’ve got the UK 14 day tickets that I purchased as part of the deal through Virgin Holidays. All linked in MDE ok (by the looks of things). Has anyone had success or any problems recently? Thank you

I’m not from UK but it sounds like since you linked your tickets ok you should not have any issues!

Hello there. We went in January on a Virgin package with the 14 day ultimate tickets. Linked the reservation on MDE and was able to book fast passes at 60 days with no problems at all. As long as you’ve got the reservation linked and it looks ok, then I’m sure you’ll be fine.

That’s what I would assume too, but just need reassurance. Thank you

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Nice to have the reassurance.

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That’s ok, no problem. I was worried too - it’s normal when you’ve invested so much time, money etc into something like this and just want it to be perfect for your family.

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From UK & linked/booked FPP 60 days out no problems in March with 14 day ultimate tickets.
Just make sure that you also have your hotel ressie linked in also or it may think you are offsite, which doesn’t get FPP until 30 days prior (assuming that hasn’t changed since I last checked).

Thank you. Yes, hotel is there too. I was reasonably certain that all would be good, but wanted to be sure. Thanks again.

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Hi. Just back from a trip from UK. You should have no problems - worker well for us. Use the PC if you can as the interface is better and more reliable. Be warned the app is still extremely “glitchy” so you should have the website bookmarked in your phone for when you are in the world and need to make changes. The website was fine for us (the app kept saying one of our party was not linked - wasn’t true and website always showed us all)

Thank you. Hope you had a wonderful trip.

Following on from this- we are travelling from uk in 78 days so just paid our balance with virgin. How/ when do we receive our ticket numbers to put into mde? Last time I only entered into mde once in the park but you couldn’t book fpp ahead then as it was new.

I haven’t booked directly with Virgin, I used Charter Travel, but as soon as I paid my deposit they gave me my confirmation number for MDE. It took a few weeks but my tickets just showed up one day ( the hotel showed straight away). The website is better though, the app still doesn’t show we’re staying onsite and Disney IT couldn’t fix it.

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When I have bought a Disney package from Virgin (flight, Disney hotel and park tickets) I have just needed to put the reservation number into MDE - the hotel reservation and park tickets then both showed up. Did not need to link park tickets separately.

I don’t know how it works if you are staying offsite though.

We are off site for wdw- on site uor 1st- so no rush as I can’t do anything till 30 days. Will check back thru but cldnt see anything to input for tickets yet- have the 14 day pass. Trying to avoid having to call virgin

My understanding is that you’ll get them at about 31/32 days before. If you haven’t had them by then I think you can email/online chat with Virgin and they should send them to you.

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We were told we wouldn’t get physical tickets at all, again though we didn’t book directly with Virgin.

My mistake - I’ve just read that you get an email at about 40-50 days letting you know you’ll get another one with your ticket refs soon. If you haven’t had the shortly before your 30 days either use social media (Facebook/Twitter), chat or email and they should be able to send your references to you by email.

Thank you. I found email address for virgin today and they say just that. I get an email telling me the vouchers are ready to download 32-35 days before. Presume I still take the vouchers to guest services on 1st park day to change for actual cards/ buy magic bands as we won’t have bands automatically. Planning to get a couple of bands to make it easier for ride photos- and cos ds11 thinks they are cool- I’ll be travelling with tattoos and nail varnish to decorate there!

Update on Virgin’s procedure for off site guests - I have received my email with all ticket vouchers etc at 32 days. From that I couldn’t see anything that looked like a number to enter into MDE to link tickets so I called. There is a 12 letter/digit code written by the bar code of the wdw 14 day ticket voucher. However when I enter that into the ticket no box nothing happens. The virgin girl tells me it will not link ticket numbers in MDE until 30 days as that is when virgin tell WDW. That means that if I want to book FPP+ for day 1 of the trip I have to go online at 5am, enter the number and hope mde recognises it and assigns all 6 tickets to the 6 people in my account.
I understand that I cannot book FPP+ until the 30 days but when it is not linked to a resort booking I thought that the tickets would link and I could then pick my days and book 30 days on. WDW do not need to know when I leave the uk to be able to book 30 days ahead. It is Virgin controlling the start date.
For us we are staying at UOR the 1st 3 days so I actually don’t need to make my FPP+ for day 1 so I will have time to test it out. But if you were doing Disney only and didn’t know the system it would be impossible to know what to do.
I will see how it works later in the week. We had a discount booking tickets thru Virgin as DH is frequent flier. but otherwise I wish we had bought them from a different supplier!

OK today is 30 days out and the code did work - but took a while to link all the tickets into an existing MDE. If I had been trying to do that at 5am to get 1st day fast passes booked I would have been frustrated. So I am glad we are not in wdw until day4 of our holiday.
Getting up at 5am next sunday might not be so good tho!