UK 2016 Free dining packages are out!

For all you Brits (and other Europeans), the free dining packages for 2016 with spending money etc are out on the UK pages! How am I supposed to get anything done at work today when I can be pricing out next years family holiday??! :smiley:

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But in true Disney-style the web-page is not working, or are overloaded or something like that… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ooh thanks for letting us know!

(Heading to Virgin holidays site!)

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Good luck!
The Disney-site actually removed their offer again from the web-page and are now “experiencing technical difficulties due to high levels of demand” … :wink:

Shocking!! How unlike the Disney website!

I have some choice words for when that happens, but you have to be in the LaCava section to hear them. Can you please add details and tag me? Thanks.

I got 2 quotes earlier this week with the free dining included but the others wouldn’t do it till today, that explains why I haven’t heard from them!

Geez two full weeks at AKL with dining and 14 day tickets for under 5 grand??? I need in on that deal! It sure beats the $7,200 booking from the US site with only 10 day tickets. I wonder how many people try to finagle these UK deals without being from the UK each year lol.

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It is a good deal considering we can book next year at this years prices, we can get a
14 day ticket (as opposed to the max 10 days you get in US, because annual
passes does not work for us) and we also get the 200$, which isn’t that much
considering but it’s still money.

And trust me, you can’t book if your from outside the European Union! Norway is
technically not included in this offer, but luckily our family have a summer
house in Sweden! :wink:

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I saw they now also have a 21 day ticket. That’s it! I’m moving to Europe! It’s gotta be better than Oklahoma lol.


It’s not bad is it! It’s the flights that kill it…


We booked this morning with travelcitydirect (subsidiary of virgin). The price we book was about £700 ($1000) cheaper than any quote we had. I then started having doubts as it didn’t include the gift card or memory maker that some packages are. Having relooked at prices though, they’ve gone back up to where they were, which would have been a no-go for us and more than covers the $200 and MM cost.

Soooo… I have a new countdown 483 :smiley: So excited I could burst