Uh oh! POR horror story, sort of!

A friend, whose first ever WDW trip ended last night, just posted a photo of the uninvited guest she found in her room at French Quarter… Monsieur Bedbug! Disney sent in a guy who confirmed that it really is bedbugs. That’s the horror part.

The not so terrible part is that they gave her money and a ride to the mall so she could buy 2 days worth of clothes, toiletries, and a new suitcase to take home. They are also treating all of her things and shipping them back to her after they’re certain they’re clean. As a result, she is still looking forward to visiting again.



I’m very impressed with how Disney handled that! Not sure even the Waldorf would do something like that.


Oh my, that is a true horror story. I have a buddy who owns an exterminating business and from what he has told me I make sure to always check mattresses well (especially any cracks/crevices) and behind headboards (even/especially the ones attached to the wall). That is amazing the response from Disney and I commend them, for all the bad things you read about customer service at WDW it is great to hear such a terrific example.


I’ll be staying here in September/Oct. Are these pests around all seasons? I will be checking when I arrive. :slight_smile:

They aren’t seasonal, and can be around any time someone brings them in in their luggage. It is good to always check when you arrive at a hotel, no matter how “nice” a hotel it might be, because they don’t really have anything to do with cleanliness or anything.

I really was impressed with the response as well, and am glad to know that WDW clearly has a working plan for when that happens. If they’re that ready to take care of the people then I’m sure they’re equally prepared to take care of the bugs.

Yes, I have just googled these bugs. I will bring a little torch with me and check the mattress before bringing any luggage into the room. So nice to hear that the hotel was quick to help. These things can happen… but it would be horrible to wake up the next morning with bites all over you.

We’ve stayed in a lot of hotels of all qualities and I’ve never encountered them (lucky me). However, my sister was flying home across country on a redeye flight and by the time she arrived home, she had bites all over her legs at the seat level that hadn’t been there before the flight. You just never know where these suckers might be hiding.