Ugh, that friggin last day

How long does it take via Uber to get to the airport?

About the same amount of time as it takes to get there by Magical Express :wink: ME might take 10-15 minutes longer if you have another stop to make on the way.


If you want to play around/check out times, you can get into the uber app and set up the pick up to check prices and times but do not submit it. I don’t know your pick up point. Buses feel slower, and you have to drop off other people. Rough estimate if they both left hotel at the same time…20 minutes faster. Your ME does not depart when they tell you to be there either. There will be some waiting, but this amount varies.

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We have not had a good experience using regular lyft for airport pick up and drop off.

1 Like Reading info on why times may change

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Great info @kda! Thank you. My tentative plan is to take MDE to the Airport unless they give us a ridiculous return time (I can deal with 3 hours) or if our flight is delayed (and we are informed far enough in advance). My traveling partner is having nightmares that I will refuse to leave WDW (this is a very real possibility) and won’t get on the plane, so I don’t want to panic her unnecessarily and miss MDE if not absolutely necessary.

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Haha @cathy15. Have a good time!!

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Lmao@tragical express… :joy::joy::joy:

This final day continues to mess with me. Thanks to DAH taking care of any “missed rides” and what not in HS, it scuttled the “need” for my Fast Passes on the final day. So I really have no urge to return to HS (outside of one more ride on Star Tours). I now have an essentially “free day” that I have no idea what to do with.

I don’t even have a food situation figured out and I need to get that squared away cause I HATE eating in the airport when I could have had a meal in Disney.

:weary: #DisneyProblems