Just downloaded the new unofficial guide on kindle. Couldn't wait another month. Still need my paper copy to colour code though!


I go through highlighting every time I get my new copy too. But I don't have kindle frowning

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Will get the book but jealous. How quick things change already with A&E testing paper FP! Why I love Lines!

Oh! I didn't realize the kindle edition was already available. I should wait. But I don't want to.


@docmcstubbins - thanks for getting the book!

We're going to announce next week that we'll be providing free updates to the Kindle edition every month, through Amazon's update program, so you'll always have the latest information. We'll continue updating the 2015 edition until just before the 2016 is out.


Now I am really glad I preordered mine and downloaded monday.

Will order my copy as soon as I get done seeing what's new over here! Monthly Updates are a great idea!

Paper copy or kindle copy? Save a tree or highlight, dog ear and read 5000 times from cover to cover? What's everone getting?

Free updates? I'm in!

Okay, I may just have keeled over that @len replied to my post. The updates sound great. I like having the kindle version to carry around. Need my highlighters and sticky tabs though 😉
Loving the new forum too!


Nice. Now I MUST buy both the kindle and the book versions. I'm planning to buy the book for each of my friends who will be joining me for our girls' trip in November too. Just take all my money!


WOW I'm in. I love paper books but you had me at free updates.

Thanks for updating the cartoons in the UG2015 @len, some of the WuffoWorld ones were getting kinda moldy. Started reading my copy today!

Just downloaded mine!
Thanks for the free updates!

I love my Kindle version of the 2014 guide. The highlighter and bookmark features are great. Looking forward to downloading the 2015 version so that we can start planning our trip(s)!

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Downloaded my copy. Using kindle's highlight and bookmarking features love it. While I do like paper books too the kindle is easier to hold and can more easily come to the parks with me

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Thanks everyone! Tomorrow's the deadline for the first set of Kindle updates. I'll put up a list with the new stuff after that.


Just downloaded my copy. thumbsup Now I need to set some 2015 dates!!!!

While I don't have a Kindle to utilize this with (I'm a diehard B&N devotee and have a Nook), I think this is a wonderful service you're providing and above and beyond what most (and/or any other) trip guide writers would ever do. Cheers to you!

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@len looking forward to it as I've almost finished reading cover to cover. Yay, more to read EVERY MONTH!!! 🎉😊🎉

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