Hi all - I’m thinking about using Uber Family for an 8 am breakfast reservation at another resort. My 4 year old needs to be in a car seat. Has anyone used this service? I’m wondering if the Uber Family cars will be hard to get.

Depending upon where you are staying / going there are cabs available. If you absolutely need a car seat - bring your own. We used a car service the last time in Orlando and they always asked if we needed a car seat (we didn’t)

I think you can request Uber to provide - but bring your own if you feel more comfortable - most airlines won’t charge - especially if you bring on board with you

We just need a booster seat and I’m bringing a Bubble Bum - worst name ever! - it’s a blowup seat. It’ll work for Uber and we can deflate it and store it under the stroller in the parks. So if you don’t need a 5 point harness check it out!