Uber to the parks?

We are staying on site at the Caribbean Beach during Thanksgiving week. Does Uber operate from resorts to the parks? This seems like an efficient way to get to the park entrances relatively hassle free and avoid in house transportation and/or parking. Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom on this strategy.

Works for all parks except MK.

You can ask them to drop you at the Contemporary and walk or monorail from there. Sometimes the driver isn’t allowed into the parking lot without proof of an ADR; worst case you can get out at the barrier.

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I’ve hopped out at the light before, generally my drivers have know shortcuts.

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From Uber drivers I have heard that Poly is easiest for them for MK. You could use a Minnie Van for the route there and get dropped where the buses drop. Then walk over to the contemporary and do an Uber from there to get back

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Last year we used Uber whenever there was long lines or a long wait for the next bus and there was an Uber close by. It’s shocking how cheap they are. We Uber to every park including MK (but only to the TTC). Uber driver had no problem getting past the parking toll booths.

Last May, we used Uber every morning to get to the parks…fast and cheap…from POR to HS & EP only $7-8. Ak was about $11. For the first day to MK, we splurged and rode in a Minnie Van (thru Lyft) for about $28. It was fun since the DM driver knew so much about WDW. The Minnie Van also dropped us off the closest possible to Mk entrance. The next day, we took an Uber to Contemporary Resort and told the gatekeeper we wanted to go to a particular gift shop. We got dropped off and took the short walk to MK.

Minnie Van in to MK, and Uber from Contemporary out was also our trick and it worked well.

Actually, we took the monorail because my feet hurt. It took a little longer than walking to the Contemporary.

We took Lyft quite often, too. But because there were five of us we needed XL and they were twice what you are quoting here, except the Minni Van which was around $40, Including tip. We were leaving from BWI, not sure how that affects things. It was still worth it to us, though.

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Yes, I know pricing depends on timing and distance. Coming from CA, we tended to sleep in so we didn’t call an Uber (the basic Uber X) to POR until after 10:30am so that maybe why the prices were lower. They were about the same price leaving the parks after 9pm.

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