Uber to Poly?

Hi all!
We’re headed from Royal Pacific to the Poly for a 3:30 Ohana ADR and I need some pro tips!

  1. Can Uber drop off at the Poly?
  2. If so, what time should we grab an Uber from Universal’s Royal Pacific for a 3:30 Ohana ADR?
  3. I’m guessing 3:30 is first seating, so what’s the wait like? We are a table for two. Should I bother asking for a seating preference? Any suggestions?

Thanks all!

I have been at the 3:30 seating and there was no wait. I would get an Uber around 2:30, that should be plenty of time. An Uber can drop you off. I love Royal Pacific and ‘Ohana! What a great plan!

I think I’m more excited than my 14 yo daughter! 2 days to go! Thanks Tink!

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I love those rooms and beds in Royal Pacific. My DS26 says he could “live there forever if someone brought his cat to him”.