Uber to MK early Bfst Reservation

We have an early ADR on our MK day 8:15AM. Would it be more efficient to take a disney bus from AKL to MK or to try an grab a tax or uber? What time would you leave for either transportation option? It’s just myself and my two kids (5 & 7).

For MK, I’d recommend taking the earliest bus from AKL that you can. Uber & taxi drop you at the T&TC. From there you have to take the ferry or monorail, which adds more time overall.

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Yes, but you could also taxi or Uber to the Contemporary and 5 minute walk to MK entry tapstiles


Good point - I couldn’t remember where the taxi drop-off was.

Oh - that’s a good idea too. Thanks!

I’d just play it by ear. We are always open to use Uber/Taxi if necessary, but if we get up and get going with plenty of time to spare, we just go with the bus. And definitely take it to the Contemporary and walk if you go by car, as noted above. Taking it to the TT&C is going to cost you a lot of time.

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I had no issue getting to MK from Pop for an 8:00 ADR. I took the bus, got in line for it at 7:15 and make it to MK with time to spare.

I would second the recommendation to Uber to the Contemporary if you choose to go that way. And definitely do Uber over a taxi, it’s way less expensive.