Uber rates - PORS to MK - any experience?

We have a surprise pre-RD breakfast reservation at MK on our last day - which means checking out & getting on the first (or first-ish) bus is going to be a stress. I’m thinking about using Uber - never done it before. Any idea roughly how long/ how much/ how easy to get a car for a family of 4 (DDs are 6&8)? Any advice, gratefully received!

We took Uber from POR to MK last Oct. The charge was $8.23. Seems the wait was less than 10 min. I do have a code you can use for a free ride. barbj106ue

We use Uber for all early morning trips. Totally recommend it.

You can get fare estimates for Uber either via the app itself (when you set a pickup location, tap “fare estimate” and enter your destination), or here: https://www.uber.com/fare-estimate/

One thing to keep in mind is that Uber (for certain cars) can guarantee a car seat, but not a booster seat. So if either/both of your children normally rides in a booster, you’ll have to either bring your own or forego it. The Uber car seats can take kids up to 48 lbs or 52 inches.

I agree with @Johnsondvc, as well – if it works for you, Uber will save a ton of stress on early morning trips.

Thanks for this @Johnsondvc - that’s really helpful. Thanks for the promo code too - will it be valid for Aug 6, do you think?

Thanks for this, @dunegirl. Pretty sure both DDs are OK on the height issue (they’re quite small for their age) but a good thing to know.

Yes it will be. There is no expiration on them. When you get the Uber app it will give you a code also. Share that code with the other adult in your party. They will get a free ride with your code. That way you will have 2 free rides while at Disney!

We use Ride Safer car seat vests for our little guys when using Uber. They are safe & approved. Small enough to shove in a backpack when we get to the parks.

That’s brilliant - thanks! Can you tell I’m an Uber-virgin?! It’s not really a big thing where I am in England so all a bit new.

Johnsondvc - we are getting ready to visit for the first time. Staying in Caribbean Beach Resort. First day will be MK and is Early Entry. We planned on using Uber to get there ahead of the buses. We like to be at the turnstiles around 30-45 minutes before the park opens them. How do we go about navigating that with the restrictions for uber drivers? As well as the ticket and transportation center? We have magic bands and they are all linked and active. I just want to know where to request the uber driver to drop us off at for each of the theme parks. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I bookmarked this post for planning uber pickups and dropoffs on our trip.