Uber question


I'm sure it's been written before, so forgive my newbie status. . . we have early morning breakfast reservations at EPCOT, my concern is bus transportation. Has anyone used Uber to navigate to EPCOT from AofA? Also, a car seat would be needed. I'll look forward to getting some good information from all you pros! It's been twenty years since my last Disney experience --much has changed!!!


The buses usually start running in time for breakfast reservations at each park- that would alleviate the car seat issue. Unfortunately with regards to Uber, it came to be after I needed to worry about car seats so I'm not sure about that.


I seem to recall you can request a car seat. Laura has given you a FREE Uber ride (up to $15). To claim your free gift, sign up using this link: https://www.uber.com/invite/lauraa14326ui


check out lyft.com and go to promotions. They should have a promotion. Last time I checked it was $55 credit for 11 rides wit $5 off each ride. We used it last December and it was a big savings..


I've used uber with a carseat, they charge more for it though ( I think it was around $10-$15).


You can get a car seat with lyft or uber - but it will cost about 25% more and take longer to arrive. Another option is to bring your own booster seat for kids 4-6. Though you'd have to find a place to put it once you get to the park...