Uber Question for 24-Hr Day

Hello all! Waiting for the bus from Pop Century at 5am last year was quite an experience, and had me wondering if anyone used an Uber to get to the Magic Kingdom last 24HrDay. I know you wouldn’t be able to take it right to the gate, but I figured you can have them drop you off at the Contemporary and walk the rest of the way. Has anyone done this? Anyone planning on it?

We’ve booked a couple of vans to take a big group of us this year. You can definitely take a cab and get dropped off in front of the contemporary. Several people did this last year as well.

Could you elaborate on the bus experience? I was planning bus but taxi idea is sounding good if bus is a mess. We used Uber once from Pop to airport and it would have been quicker to take taxi since they wait closer.

Well buses are just going to be chaotic. They haven’t released an official schedule yet and they could very likely be packed with people trying to get to the opening show. We figure by taking vans at 4:45 we’re guaranteed to be there in time.

waited a long time for the bus to come, during the time the line grew quite long, had to get on the second bus and ended up having to watch the welcome show from behind the security check.

any room left in Vans?

Taxi it is!

I’m not sure… @DarthDopey, do we still have any spots open?

Let me check. We had a couple of recent additions. Just want to be sure.

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Am I on the list?

And unfortunately @tinox, we are all full up.

But contact MEARS to make arrangements. They are super helpful.


You can book just a regular cab through their website as well, but you might see if there are more that want to share. I think the vans run about $25 flat fee.

Yeah an UberXL that can hold 6 people would be about $20, might be good to get 2 couples to split with me and the wife.

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Uber kind of freaks me out lol. I don’t know why it just does. Feels like hitch hiking.