Uber or Lyft?

I’m coming from the UK later in the year and might want to make our own way to a couple of places instead of using Disney transport.
Would you recommend Uber or Lyft? Do I pay online for both or in cash?

I didn’t use Uber on my last trip so cannot offer a comparison, however I did use Lyft which I found to be very efficient and I paid with my UK Paypal account which made it very easy. Just set up the app and payment info before you go.

Thanks, linking to PayPal is good, think I’ll give Lyft a try then.

I haven’t used either at Disney before. But in Washington last summer we used Uber. Very simple, downloaded the app before we went and linked a pre-paid currency card to it.

We liked the fact you got the registration number of the car, and could see it on it’s way. I assume Lyft would be the same though in that regard.

Since then youngest has used it here instead of taxis. Eldest is used to using Uber in London all the time.

I use Uber all the time over here so I just assumed I’d do the same there but I downloaded the Lyft app and they started sending me loads of offers. I ended up using them every time because I had 20% off all rides for the whole 2 weeks. And they still send me offers all the time nearly 6 months later. Uber has never sent me one!


That’s good to know. :+1: I think I’ll just download it now so I don’t forget!

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In 2018, I set up/used Lyft at WDW solely for the purpose of using MinnieVans a few times (before the cost was more than a black market kidney). After that, I used it a few times on work trips or other short trips and started getting discount codes and offers. Even now I haven’t used it since November and I just got a new code in the app yesterday. It definitely saves money to keep the app loaded and active IF you’re going to end up using that type of service anyway.

Lyft if you want the option of a Minnie van at any point.

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I have them both. Most of the drivers in wdw drive for both. I have asked and for some reason the drivers have told me they prefer Uber. I have found if I use Uber and I don’t have any active Lyft coupons, Lyft will load a discount on my account within hours.


We splurged for the Minnie Van (through Lyft) the morning we rope dropped MK. They are allowed to drop off right at the MK gate where Disney buses do. My understanding is regular Lyft and Uber have to drop off at Transportation and Ticket Center so you need to allow time to take the monorail or ferry the rest of the way, so there is a tactical difference there. We took Uber for resort-to-resort transportation.

Uber and Lyft can also drop off at any monorail Resort including CR.

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Uber has had some shady business practices, violated riders’ privacy, etc. I’ll use them if I have to but I prefer Lyft for that reason. And also, as others have mentioned, the Minnie Vans run on the Lyft app.

Put us down as fans of LYFT while on Disney property.
Used it a few times in Sept 2019, and again Jan 2020. Good service each time.

Also note , those cute Disney minnie vans, are an option on the LYFT app only … expensive option, but an option.

We asked to be dropped off at the Contemporary. Right after the guard, we ask the driver to turn left into the parking lot to drop us off. Walked 8 minutes to MK taps. No lines at security for people taking that route.

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I used Lyft for Minnie Vans. Yes, it’s more expensive than regular Lyft, but in my case I wanted the Minnie Van experience. If I went back I’d seriously consider regular Lyft (or I suppose Uber—I haven’t used these much) b/c I remember seeing one of my rides advertised as $11 regular Lyft but $38 Minnie Van.