Uber/Lyft with a Car Seat

We’re visiting in January, I purchased our airfare yesterday so now I am looking into adding Mears Connect or considering other options. We have a 5 year old who will be in a 5 point carseat and 2 adults. I know that there are family Lyft/Ubers available in Orlando, but they aren’t always available and we don’t want to spend awhile waiting at MCO for a ride. Do Uber/Lyft drivers generally care if passengers bring their own carseat with them? We have a carseat that is lightweight and transports easily, so we are thinking we could gate check that and then strap it into a car ourselves at the airport but I’ve never done that in a ride share and I’m not sure how the drivers feel about people bringing their own carseats into their vehicle.

I dont have an answer for you but curious for others’ experiences. I need to Uber about 20 min away with my 3 yr old and unsure the best way to make that happen since I dont want to haul a carseat with me…

When we went with our 5 year old in 2019 we knew we would occasionally Uber/lyft so brought a travel booster. Our daughter made the weight and height cutoffs and I brought them with me to the parks with the stroller. Strollers usually went into the trunks just fine. I’ve put seats into taxis before and if you’re fast it’s not a big deal most of the time. But it’s also been gross to get into the anchors at times.

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