Uber/Lyft/Minnie Van and MK

Hey all! We are planning to go car free in December and primarily take Uber/Lyft to get where we are going. The only kink seems to be getting to MK. Originally it was planned to be dropped off at the Contemporary but can someone confirm that that is not a possibility anymore? (they are checking for reservations?)

Also, if we walk from MK to contemporary to leave MK they won’t give us grief will they?

(I know Minnie Van is an option but more expensive).

Sometimes they check, sometimes they don’t.

We stayed at the BLT last week and used Uber several times. The guard never scanned or checked that we were actually staying on site when we were getting dropped off back at the hotel. The driver would just tell the guard that he was dropping us off. The only time I did get checked was when I rented a car for our departure (to beach) and wanted to go back to the resort. Pretty sure you can just say you are going to contemporary for shopping, drinks, etc if you do happen to get an overzealous guard.

The security checkpoint to enter mk from contemporary is awesome. There was never any sort of line.


I planned on walking to the contemporary after MK to get an Uber, and also on waiting for the crowd to spread out a little. But I was so tired and my feet were hurting so much that I just went with the flow and took the boat back to TTC as soon as HEA ended. The really painful part was the boat line, maybe walking to the contemporary would have been better. Anyway, even deviating from the plan getting an Uber was easy.

After HEA, we took the monorail to the Contemporary, it’s the first stop. Then we got Lyft. I don’t think it saved time over walking, but it saved feet!

And it saved a lot of time, just by avoiding the trip to the TTC.

Uber/Lyft really is a game-changer for me, not just at WDW, but on every vacation.