Uber/Lyft from airport not possible with 6?

Was pricing out Uber/Lyft rides from the airport to our hotel and noticed that listed max capacity for UberXL was 5? I know that no riding in front passenger seat is allowed for COVID which takes official capacity down to 5, but wouldn’t there be plenty of XLs with original total capacity of 8 (middle bench seat instead of captains chairs) that would still fit 6 without using the front seat? Or is this an Orlando code that only allows 5?

Would it be possible to reserve Uber and see seat capacity/arrangement of car and then cancel if it doesn’t meet our needs? I would really like to keep our family of 6 together (myself, hubby, 4 young children). With so many passengers coming out of airport I don’t feel like immediately cancelling would affect an individual drivers business and they would likely just book someone else within a minute or 2.

Anyone have insight on our ability to ride as a family of 6?

As family of 5 with luggage, we find it’s usually easier (and often cheaper) to get 2 regular Ubers.

8 passenger vehicles aren’t that common, most have captains chairs in the middle. And if you have a lot of luggage, the cargo area might not be sufficient anyway.

OK, that’s good to hear. I’ll just plan on taking 2, then! Thank you!

Also, cancelling DOES hurt drivers. It’s factored into their reliability score, and if they drop too low, they won’t get sent as many rides and can be kicked off the platform.
Also, they can rate YOU as well. Cancel a ride right after acceptance, you can get a bad rating and then other drivers won’t want to pick you up either.


Good to know! That solidifies the two ubers! Definitely don’t want to impact anyone’s livelihood, especially after the year we’ve all had!

Two Ubers will work, but you might want to look into booking a van with Quiksilver also which would keep you together. Might not be any more expensive vs two Ubers. We did this with a group of 7 last spring and it worked out great.


Thanks! I’ll check them out!

@Jeff_AZ used quicksilver as well and highly recommends them

Thoughts on renting a car vs using Disney transport from AKL


We are a family of six and just recently visited DW. We Uber’d (XL) everywhere during our entire trip from our Disney Springs hotel, including to and from the airport. We often got a minivan with the XL request and every driver allowed my DH to sit up front if the car was a tad smaller. The car back to the airport was a midsize SUV, so we crammed a bit in the back, but it was no problem to anyone, including the driver! All drivers were extremely accommodating and helpful.

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I especially recommend Quicksilver if you need car seats or booster chairs. I assume you don’t since you didn’t mention it, but if you do, they have I think up to 2 car seats and 2 booster seats available in a van at no extra charge.

Just to add another thought. My family of five rode Lyft XL many times this summer. Only 1 driver actually didn’t allow passengers in the front row. And this was our ride from the airport with all our luggage. He ended up piling our back backs(4) and our 1 hard case carryon in the front seat. We packed in 3 duffle bags (instead of the hard suitcases) because I was in some ways planning for this eventuality of all 5 people (one of whom needed a car seat…I bought a bubblebum blow up seat) and luggage fitting in an Uber/Lyft. We all just fit, so with 1 more passenger not sure. Some of the car types that qualify for XL, I question in general especially at the airport where people have luggage.


Oh that’s good to hear! Maybe we’ll try it with 6 and then just get another if it doesn’t work out!

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We are just using one blow up bubblebum seat for DS4 like @Agent355 used. We plan on using Disney transportation for all travel except the first two days so figured it wouldn’t be too inconvenient and only weighs 1lb! I definitely don’t miss the days of needing 4 car seats but do miss them being that small at times!

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They come within five minutes or less so you’ll be in good shape!

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