Uber from UOR to area hotel at park close

Does anyone have experience taking uber at park close? We are chaperoning a group and need to be sure to be back at our hotel with our group of four by “curfew”. Is there enough supply of drivers to easily get a ride or should we anticipate a lengthy wait time? Would we be better off leaving 30 minutes or so before closing time or would it not make much difference in Traffic levels? Park closes at 9 and we need to be back at Wyndham Lake Buena Vista by 10:30 (just as a point of reference for timing)

you should be fine. Just keep taking a look at the app and if the wait times start to go up - grab one. I wouldn’t wait until you are ready to go to find out there is a 40 minute wait. Start checking earlier. Also just confirm if Uber is allowed on property or not. We are staying at Portofino at Univeral and they told me that they do not allow Uber on property. Weather or not they actually do or not - I don’t know - but they said they do not allow it at the hotel