Uber from MCO to WDW

Anyone try this? Any idea what it would run?

Going to the Swolphin, to the extent it matters, but I’m really just looking for a ballpark as compared to a cab or a Mears car service. Does Uber even pick up at MCO? I know in some cities, they aren’t allowed to pick up at the airport.


Better sure Uber can’t pick up at MCO. They are required to charge the same fare as cabs in Orlando due to a special ordinance there.

Agree with @Elaine5715, don’t think uber is allowed to pick up from MCO.

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rosemergy what have you end up using for your trip from airport to swan?

Ended up using Murray Hill transportation. Worked seamlessly, and I like that they throw in a stop at a store of your choice. We were able to pick up a few sundries at regular prices before arriving…

Uber does not have to charge the same as taxis, that was a proposed law and a compromise was reached requiring a minimum charge of about $2.40, but the cost per mile is much less than a taxi. I took Uber to MCO from AKL in May it was about $25.

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But the above is correct at the moment, Uber is not allowed to pick up at MCO, there are ways to get around it, according to my driver, but if you’re the rule-following type, then no Uber, but you can take it back to the airport.

One completely legit workaround I’ve heard would just be to get yourself to an offsite location, like a hotel, and then order your Uber from there. Might be more trouble than it’s worth, but it’s an option if cost is the primary concern.