Uber from MCO to Boardwalk to GF (timing?)

My parents may be joining us for 9:10 breakfast at 1900 Park Fare. They will be at MCO the night before, but staying with us at Boardwalk the following night. If they use Uber from MCO to Boardwalk (to drop off bags) and then to GF, how much time should we plan for travel? I’m thinking if they leave by 7:45ish they should be fine. It should only take a few minutes to drop off their bags right?

Depends on how long the line is at bell services. I’ve been to resorts and been able to drop things immediately because of no one in front of me and I’ve been to resorts and had a line 5-10 people deep to either drop off or pick up (there is no distinction in lines so people doing either are in the same line).

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So with 5-10 people in line, would that be like a 10 minute delay? 30 minute?

If they are all just dropping off, 10ish minutes. If you’ve got pick-ups mixed in it could be 30 or more depending on how many are picking up because picking up takes longer as they have to go and find the luggage.

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