UBER Car Service

OK - so I have a car rental setup. But was curious how good Uber is from / to MCO. I like the convenience of a car - but can deal with UBER if the cost savings are worth it.

We will basically be going from MCO to Universal. Unversal to WDW and WDW back to MCO

My parking alone costs about $250 so looking at UBER. Have used UBER serveral times so comfortable using it - however traving with the whole family puts a different spin on it.

How is UBER in Orlando and is it actually allowed at MCO (I have heard conflicting reports

You can only use UberBlack for pick up at MCO. This is the livery style town car. Not sure of the rates but it would certainly be less than all those parking fees!

check this link

And, if someone is new to Uber in your party, I have a code you can use for a $15 credit.

Thanks. No we are both big users of Uber in PHL and SFO. But just curious about the coverage in Orlando and especially MCO. We are getting in late the one night so it may come down to Uber availability. If someone is there - great we will use Uber and save a bit - if not - we won’t. Is there a good way to get a general estimate based on when you PLAN to go? I know I can put in the pickup / destination and get an estimate for CURRENT conditions - but just curious.

Currently only UberBlack from the airport to resorts. I think when I looked a town car and/or taxi could be cheaper?