Uber car seat...never again

I’m posting this in the Walt Disney section as I feel like more people read this one and I’ll include this information in my final trip report later.

We left today for our surprise trip to universal. It’s DH, DS 12, DS9, DS 7 and DS 4.5 (she is proud of that half). We had decided to use Uber car seat. I tried to research it before hand and found a handful of decent reviews but mostly in the park. I used the calculator and it was going to be worth it for the round trip to universal rather then hauling her 5 point harness (she is very tiny and not ready for a booster.

Big mistake! First there was no XL vehicles with a car seat available. It took about 15 minutes to finally get a regular uber car seat which only fits 4. So I used my phone to get a second car.

At first I just thought it was because it was Christmas day. According to the driver Orlando only has 20 drivers that have passed whatever is needed to have a car seat! And it normally is very difficult to get one. I didnt see this information anywhere before so I thought I would leave my experience here so maybe it will help others.

Also the car seat was not what il expected but it was a five point and the driver confirmed he had to purchase it through uber.

The trip to the hotel for both cars is going to be around $125. I could have just rented a car…oh well lesson learned. We won’t be relying on uber car seat to get us from the airport anymore.

Hope this helps! Now to shake this off and go enjoy our trip!


Oh geez. I’m sorry you had such a poor and expensive experience. Thank you, though, for sharing this. It is very valuable information!!

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Just curious what was your expectation versus reality on the car seat itself?

I thought it would be like a graco 5 point or something similar. This was like a booster seat that converted to a 5 point. I had never seen one before.