Uber and/or taxi to parks

Hi all - we have a few early morning (pre-RD) reservations at MK and I’m worried about the Disney transportation from CBR (it’s the only thing I’m nervous about staying there - I’ve heard some people complain of 40 min waits before the bus even picks them up and it taking 2 hours to get to the park). So here are my questions:

For a 8:05 (CRT) and 8:40 (BBB) am reservation what time would you leave the room to get to the park on time using Disney transportation?

Would it be better/easier to catch a taxi/uber to contemporary resort and walk over from there?

How far in advance can you/should you request taxi/uber (we are from Canada and Uber just opened in our city so we haven’t used it yet)?

Any other tips you have to share b/c I’m missing something obvious.

Thanks so much!!

Hello fellow Canadian!
Our city only just go Uber not long ago too. I used it for the first time over Christmas. Unlike taxi’s you cannot book an uber in advance, you have to open the app and put in the request as you need it. The app will tell you how far away the nearest driver is. A taxi you can pre book and organize a set time to pick you up. uber however is cheaper than a cab.
For timing…I’m not familiar with how far the resorts are from the parks (I’ve only stayed at AoA) it would all depend how far away the nearest driver is.
If using disney transportation I would be on a but by 7:00 just to be on the safe side for the 8:05 at CRT.
hope this helps a little bit…from a newbie uber user myself :slight_smile:

Thanks @Kyla307. I guess to be safe I could arrange for a taxi and then in the morning put in the Uber request and see what comes up. I’m not much of a gambler so I might just take the taxi. Anyone know what the cost for a taxi from CBR to MK is? Thanks.

If you were still looking towards uber too, maybe open up the app around 6:45, 7:00 just to see if there’s drivers nearby. I;m sure that would still give you lots of time too. If you’re early to MK then you can take advantage of empty Main Street on your way to your ADR

That’s what I was thinking too. With the dollar the way it is - gotta save money where we can!!

so true!! I keep watching it fall and fall… :sob:

You do not want to take a cab to the magic kingdom. That will bring tou to the ttc. Instead take the cab to the contempoary and walk to the magic kingdom.

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Hi @Jedilogray - yeah that’s what I was planning to do. Thanks!!

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Every resort has an early dining bus. I would ask your concierge. You don’t have to pay a cab or uber.