Uber and Lyft codes — a warning

I’ve just seen someone ask for a Lyft code on the Lines app. A Liner replied with her own code. Both will probably get $5 credit. These credits are one-off for new members only. After that, you’ll never get one again.

There are much better offers available than this. I made this mistake when I found an Uber code like the one described above for my first trip. This year I was smarter and got a $50 code for Lyft.

Don’t ask people online for codes or use codes individuals have posted. (They’re doing it for their own benefit, not yours.)

Google “Uber / Lyft new rider promo code” and you’ll find much better deals.


I get codes and discounts off all the time via the Lyft app. Yes, the first one is “first time users only” but once you are established you get discounts all the time.

Yup, this last trip, after being weeeeeellll past a “first time user”, got a “50% off next 10 rides” promo automatically applied.

Definitely helped justifying bypassing buses and monorails. Though I will admit, I was sad there was no Disney announcer. “It’s all waiting for you today, at Epcot!” (Love that)