Typhoon to HS - where to eat?

We are planning a day at Typhoon Lagoon in October.
When we leave there, (approx 4pm), I am wanting to pop over to Hollywood Studios. Apparently this will take up to an hour travel time as we are using Disney Transportation. I want to make some FP reservations at Hollywood Studios to redo our favourite rides. I am also wanting to find somewhere nice to eat either there.
I don’t seem to find great reviews about the food available at HS. We are basic quick service eaters, but I do prefer it to be on the fresh side :slight_smile: Any ideas on a good place to eat at HS?

The food at HS has a bad rep but I think it’s fine. Starring Rolls is our favourite but I doubt it would be open at that time. The area near TOT (Rosie’s, Catalina Eddies, Fairfax Fare) is fine, I think ABC Commissary has free refills. I’d just pick a menu you like the look of.

It depends on what you’re after. We ate one supper at ABC Commissary, which is indoors, air conditioned, and art deco. The burgers were…functional, a bit dry (add more condiments, such as BBQ sauce). It was food. Free refills on the drinks. I agree on the area near TOT - lots of variety, but you sit outdoors.

Other than Writer’s Stop or Starring Rolls for a sweet snack, I find the QS food at DHS relegates eating to the “I have to do it or else I’ll pass out” category (it ranges from chain fast food quality to the stuff you get in gas station convenience stores). Conversely, HBD is one of my favorite in-park restaurants, and 50s and MM are also both very good. My “usual” approach to DHS is a Writers Stop carrot cake cookie for “breakfast” (this is a MUST), Lunch at HBD, MM, or 50s (depending on budget/availability), and a later dinner either at EP or one of the resorts (I rarely stay for F!).

In cases where I was “stuck” eating QS, Pizza Planet was my default; certainly not great pizza, but not really any worse than airport Pizza Hutt (which I’ve had quite a bit of while traveling for work), and it was an air conditioned place to eat. But now that has closed (until Nov). The single worst meal I have ever had at a Disney park was the sandwich I had at the Commissary. That was many years ago, so maybe they’ve gotten better, but I certainly wouldn’t go back to give them another try. Hot dogs are one of my “guilty pleasures”, and I’ve been known to eat a Minn and Bill’s pretzel dog (and beer) waiting for Indy to start.

The HBD Lounge is kind of a QS/TS hybrid. It’s walk-up open seating (so no ADRs), but once you have a seat, a server takes your order and brings you your food. Only downside is that it’s outdoor seating and subject to closure if it’s raining heavily. But if I found myself in DHS without an ADR, this would be my first choice.

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