Typhoon Lagoon Waits in August

We’re considering spending a day (8/18) at Typhoon Lagoon on our upcoming trip in August.

From the research I’ve done, it seems as it’ll be the best all-around waterpark for us, but I worry about waits to ride the slides. What has been the experience of others around this time of year (and day, as it’s a Saturday)?

I am also considering non-Disney waterparks as a couple of them have the option to cut the regular lines for a fee. Any advice on these parks and the this feature?

Lines will be manageable early on, or alternatively late on. After the first couple of hours you will even struggle to get in the lazy river. It’s a lot of fun though.

I don’t know anything about other water parks really. I know you can buy Express Pass for Volcano Bay but haven’t seen any recent reports - they’ve only just started selling it again.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been, but we’re also going that week in August.

The plan is:

  • Be there 20 minutes before they open
  • Hit as many slides as possible right away
  • Lazy river
  • Relax in chair
  • One more slide, then break

The goal is to spend maybe 4 or 5 hours there, tops, and leave after lunch.


We were hoping to avoid the morning hustle for our waterpark day but plan on being out of there by around 4. Looking at Volcano Bay, it’s looking like around $160 for each person with the “Express Pass.” A bit too pricey for 4-5 hours, so I guess we’ll brave the TL crowd :slight_smile:

If you’re planning to arrive at 11-12, it’s going to be horrendous. You’d be better arriving at 3 and leaving at 7.

We have a breakfast at Ohana at 8:25 and plan to take a Lyft to the park after…so I’m guessing we’d get there right around 10. Maybe I should look to make the breakfast a bit earlier?

You’ll probably be ok if you can arrive at 10, but it wouldn’t hurt to look for an earlier breakfast. The water parks usually open at 10 but TL definitely opened at 9 last time we were there in Aug and I’ve got a feeling it was a Saturday.

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Good to know…thanks!

I was relying on what was listed (10 am - 6 pm) for 8/18 on their site.

Grabbed a 7:45 at Ohana.

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We are doing Blizzard Beach next month on a Wednesday with a Kona ADR at 8:30am. I wasn’t overly worried because I will be driving so I’m expecting to get back and forth fairly quickly. We have EPCOT EMH the night before so I didn’t want to make breakfast too early.

We’ve only done Blizzard Beach but it was the end of August. Arrived about 30 minutes before opening (which was at 10 am), hit all of the slides we wanted a couple of times (avoided the giant steep one), spent some time at the pre-teens area and did the lazy river. Were still able to eat lunch and be on our way before 2 pm.

You all made me nervous about our 8:30a ADR at Kona. I just moved it to 8:10a.