Typhoon Lagoon sunbeds

A group of eight of us including two toddlers are off to Typhoon Lagoon tomorrow. Would love to get some sunbeds in the shade. Can anyone let me know the best place to go for them. Planning on being there for entry so hopefully will be able to get the best ones.

Just in case anyone is searching for this info in the future. We went all the way round to Katchakiddee and got some chairs under the gazebo in the sand which is closest to the bridge to LowTide Lou’s. It was a great location in the shade all day


Hope to be there in 13 days. Thanks for the intel.

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Park opened at 10, we got there at 945 and we’re let into the park but held by the bridge. Then walked quickly as soon as it had opened. Within 4 mins that area was full but there was plenty nearby for the remaining 30 mins.

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Thank you!!

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