Typhoon Lagoon Reopening?

According to BlogMickey it appears Disney is moving closer to reopening Typhoon Lagoon.

I’ve never been to either water park, and was hoping to take my son to Blizzard Beach while we are down there next month but we may have to settle for TL.

Maybe settle is the wrong word. I know many people think it’s the superior water park, I just enjoy the theme of BB and was looking forward to Summit Plummet.

Isn’t Blizzard Beach open? Or did they announce a closure for your dates?

Blizzard Beach is open, but if they’re getting ready to open Typhoon Lagoon they’ll probably close it to keep up with their annual schedule of taking it down for refurb at the end of the year.

Ah gotcha. Probably right.

This is better I promise. There’s still humunga cowabunga for a fast body slide. And the rest of the park is superior. Closer to schlitterbahn with more shade and more tube rides.


That’s encouraging! We love Schlitterbahn, I took my kid 6 times this summer.

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Ditto on loving Schlitterbahn and I much prefer Typhoon Lagoon. Blizzard Beach while well themed is very much in the sun and is more like a typical water park (like a Wet n Wild) in the types of slides it offers. The one slide there I find more unique and fun is the slalom mat slide. The family tube slide is also a decent one. But Typhoon Lagoon has a set of three water roller coasters in Crush n Gusher along the lines of Master Blaster that is completely absent from Blizzard Beach and one of the best parts of Schlitterbahn ride wise and three longer tube slides that remind me of the older park tube chutes (all three of the “Falls” rides" except Miss Adventure Falls which is a family tube ride). My favorite parts of Schlitterbahn and what make it unique beside cold river water and shade is the tube chutes and water roller coaster all lacking at Blizzard Beach.

But if straight drop slides are your favorite there is still this one which is pretty wild (my mom lost her magic band it’s so wild on this one) Humunga Kowabunga | Typhoon Lagoon Attractions | Walt Disney World Resort

Edit: I also prefer the surf pool at Typhoon Lagoon to the wave pool at Blizzard Beach. It has huge waves that you really can body surf.


This makes me feel much more excited about the prospect of going to Typhoon Lagoon! Thank you so much!

My son literally just learned last night the WDW had water parks. I bought him a book called Where Is Walt Disney World that I’ve been reading to him at bed time and one of the last chapters referenced the water parks. He got so wide eyed. I think he’s more excited about that than anything else I’ve told him about haha.