Typhoon Lagoon on departure day before evening flight home-- Any Advice?

We have an evening flight home the last day of our trip (a 7pm departure from Orlando), and we’re planning on doing Typhoon Lagoon that morning (leaving the water park about 3pm to head back to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, grab our bags, and head to the airport). We’re likely going to take a cab/uber to the airport rather than rely on Magical Express.

Anyone done a water park on their departure day? Did you enjoy it? Was 10am - 3pm plenty of time in the water park for your kids? Any advice?

We are also planning to do this. Last time we did TL we got there at 9 and were ready to leave at 1 (maybe have even been noon, I know we didn’t eat there). The kids did everything they wanted to do multiple times and the time we left it was getting crowed. I was thinking about doing the same and then going back to the hotel, getting lunch, maybe a swim if they want and then taking the magical express at 3:30 for a 7:40 flight.

Thanks, lovethemagic. Glad to hear 4 hours was enough for your kids. DD9 is a pool fanatic, and I was worried about getting push back if she doesn’t get to do everything at least once.

Trip is in early October, so I’m hoping the water park won’t be too crazy busy.

That sounds good. We were there in July so it did get crowed but I may not be the best judge. The kids and DH like the water parks but they aren’t big on lines. Once the lines got long they were ready to go. I’ll be interested to see if anyone else has thoughts.

Yes - we have done this exact plan. It’s great! For us, the water parks are the most exhausting (even though we don’t realize it at the time…the sore muscles kick in later), so it’s the perfect activity to do LAST. Spending 4-5 hours at the water park seems perfect. Have fun!

My only concern is with getting everyone showered and dressed after a day at the water park. That will be hard to do without a room.

Typhoon Lagoon has showers, and from what I’ve read of reviews of them people say that if you bring your own shampoo and conditioner, they are plenty good enough to take a shower after the water park. Supposedly they are “real” showers with curtains and a curtained dry area just outside for dressing, not just the open-air kind that are only for rinsing off chlorine. Anyone have experience to know if that is true?

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Yes, TL and BB both have very large locker rooms with shower (with curtains and the amount of privacy one could expect from a public shower room). A quick shampoo & rinse should be no problem.
I’m only speaking with experience of the ladies room. Have to assume the men’s room is similar though.
Be sure to bring some sort of waterproof bag for the wet clothes. If you’re leaving your luggage with bell services, you can just put them in those bags before getting your cab/uber. One advantage to not taking ME to the airport!

Thanks disney1974 – I’m glad to hear the showers will work for us. (And our party is all ladies, so I’m happy to let the men’s room remain a mystery :smile:).