Typhoon Lagoon in Nov?

We will be visiting in mid Nov…my question is has anyone gone to Typhoon Lagoon mid Nov and if so how were the crowds?

All of WDW is crazy busy, CL 10, the week of Thanksgiving. The week before & after are much better.

We get there the night before Thanksgiving and stay for 10 days…I was hoping to do Typhoon Lagoon one of those first days as I assumed it would be a better choice than the main parks…do you think this is a bad idea?

At that time of year there are no good choices! LOL!!

Not to worry you. I will say, having done both TL & BB water parks during busier times that they will be less crowded than any other place. People don’t typically prioritize the water parks over the other places.

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That was my thought too. I’m hoping that, in combination with the fact that it’s November/December, will mean that it’s not too bad.

Be aware that the water parks can close due to cold weather. TL closed a couple times in Nov 2018. Have a plan B ready.

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If I’m being honest, I’m kind of hoping that’s the case!! It’s my kids that really want to go.

We will be there Nov 16 through the 26…do you think if the weather is right its a good option? We visit Disney but never have been to the water parks.

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It does get a bit chilly around 65F - 75F, but I like it. If you are a person who gets cold easily you may shiver if there is a breeze.

We were there Nov 5-11 last year and highs were high 80’s. We walked on all the rides. Kids absolutely loved it, as did the parents.

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