Typhoon lagoon H2O nights

Wondering if anyone can give a review of their experience. I was debating going in August for my son’s birthday. He loves typhoon lagoon but we have another day already planned for here. Just wondering if there are enough differences between the party and a regular day to make it worth going. Thanks.

My DD15 and I did the H2O Glow night last July. I can’t compare it to a regular day at Typhoon Lagoon since I haven’t done that in 15 years, but I can say that the Glow night was fabulous and we would absolutely do it again! The longest wait for any slide was 5 minutes. The lazy river was virtually empty most of the time and had fun floats in it (glowing floats, duck and dragon shaped floats, etc.). The dance party on the beach was also a lot of fun, although I thoroughly embarrassed my teenager by participating. :slight_smile: I also really enjoyed being in a water park at night and not having to worry about getting sunburned.