Type of RV reservation at Fort Wilderness with lots of room?

Planning a trip in January. Travelling with another family with an RV. Trying to figure out which type of reservation to make. Can y’ll help?

Our main thing will be our quantity of stuff, so we’ll want a site that has a large footprint. This is what we’ll have:.

Medium-sized RV (It is the other families so I can’t be more precise than that.

A family tent - fits 4 people. DH says that he can set it up on the concrete pad. He is an experienced camper and we’ll take air mattresses.

A small potty tent (just big enough to stand up in)

Maybe a tiny pop-up tent for the girls to have a ‘sleep-over’ camping.


A Cadillac (I understand second vehicles have to be parked in overflow)

I can find a site in each type for RV’s that would work - probably. But, which type will give us the best odds of getting a large footprint site?

Types are Full-Hookup, Preferred, Premium and Meadows Premium.

Not sure about type of sites. But not sure you can put an RV and tent on the same site. Most campgrounds we have been would require 2 sites if have rv and tent.

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Here’s a link to camp site descriptions…


Some allow both extra tents as well as a pop up/trailer/RV.

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not to boot you away from TP, but Disboards has a whole board of very experienced FW campers.

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Maybe I’ll try Disboards.

I tried Fort Fiends, but even before this Whu flu stuff I can’t open an account. It says it sent an email. But it doesn’t.

The sites are more based on price which is a location type of thing. There are different sizes in each category.

When reservations are made the person reserving will be asked for the number of slide outs and size of awning so that the site will fit the equipment.

When getting to the site, if it looks too small, it’s acceptable to drive back to reservations to get another site assignment. Usually this is more of a difficulty in actually backing into a site since the turning radius is based on the towing vehicle.

It is possible to have a trailer and a tent at each site. The tent is meant to go on the sandy area, not the paved pad.

We’ve found the FW sites to be ample but we’re not in a huge mobile home with 17 slides (slight exaggeration).

As long as your equipment is within your site boundaries your second tent will probably be ok.

We have asked to be near the comfort stations and have tried to arrive about 2 pm. We’ve only stayed twice at FW but gotten our requests both times. More than the numerous times at resorts. :thinking:

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