Two water parks in one or pick only Typhoon?


I read that you can do two water parks in one day with the same waterpark entry ticket. Do you recommend starting with one and hopping to the other or would you just stick with Typhoon Lagoon with kids who are 9 and 5. Also, did you all manage to meet Stitch there?

Thank you.

I would do TL only. Only thing I really liked at BB is Summit Plummet and your kids are too young for that, plus for me it’s a huge waste of time to hop between the two. Beware of the wave at TL, it’s treacherous ! :slight_smile:

I love both TL & BB! However, I’ve never tried to hop between. (It is something you can do if they are both open, I just have never wanted to.) I feel like it would be a hassle to have to dry off / get changed, pack up and then start over at the other park.

I would recommend TL for the ages of your kids. You can meet Stitch at the locker & towel rental area. Lilo often comes out too, but they don’t always come out together.