Two unrelated questions

Last year when we were at WDW they had OFF Mosquito spray in the room. Does anyone know if they are still doing that or should I bring some from home?

Second, does anyone know if Wilderness Lodge still does the flag family in the mornings? We have always tried to do this in the past, but it was always booked.

My room a few weeks ago did not have any spray. I brought my own and I was happy I did.

We got off wipes in the room in July and there were stations in the parks with lotion style repellent. Maybe they have suspended the service in July.

We definitely saw in park stations for bug spray when we were there last month.

Was it spray or lotion? I saw the stations in the parks but I only looked at AK and it was lotion. I ask because my allergies do not let me use lotion.

I didn’t see spray anywhere. It was either wipes or lotion. Totally understand the lotion allergy. I break out into a rash with most lotions.

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I didn’t use them, and just spotted them in travels. It looked like a gel type thing with a dispenser.

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I think I will bring my own bug spray just to be sure as we will not always be in the parks.

Does anyone have any info on the flag family at WL?

Everything I have seen says WL is not doing the flag family thing right now. I don’t know if it’s due to construction or if it’s a permanent change.