Two timing questions

  1. We have a 5:10pm BOG dinner reservation and a 5:50-6:50pm Anna & Elsa FP. On paper this should give us plenty of time to make that FP, but I’d like to hear from those experienced with how smoothly (and swiftly) BOG handles reservations. Will this be cutting things close?

  2. We have an 8:30am Tusker House breakfast reservation, pre-9am-RD at Animal Kingdom. Staying at Wilderness Lodge, can we count on bus service getting us to the breakfast on time? How does it work getting into the park, what do we need to show security, etc?


As far as the Tusker House ressie goes, yes you should be able to get a bus from WL to AK. I always talk to the lobby concierge the night before, just to make sure. The bus will drop you off and after what seems like miles of walking, you get to the front gate. There should be a line marked (I’ve seen it about half the time) for early ADRs but if not, just talk to any CM and tell them. Last time they checked me off on an iPad and sent me into the park.

This is my favorite all time ADR. Unfortunately, this next trip we won’t be doing it because we are branching out, trying something new!

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I think you’ll be ok at BoG as well, but probably near the later half of the ADR. I also know they used to honor late ones if you had a dinner receipt with a time that shows it ran late, not sure if that happens with FPP.

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I’d plan to arrive a little early for your dinner reservation. You’ll usually (though not always) be seated early if you arrive before your reservation time. If it were me, I’d want to enjoy the meal without worrying about the FastPass window afterwards. You won’t be that far away and have until 7:05 PM before the end of your FPP window grace period, so there’s enough time, but I’d rather err on the side of caution.

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So there is a 15 minute grace period for FPP? I wasn’t sure if that still held…

[quote=“Crasstastic, post:5, topic:10485”]
So there is a 15 minute grace period for FPP?[/quote]


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Oh! Usually there is 15 minutes, but it hasn’t been guaranteed.

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