Two Table Service at Epcot? Keep or Do Only 1?

After reading about all the lovely snacking and eating available in Epcot, but also reading the wonderful reviews of Garden Grill, I’m torn about whether to keep or drop my Garden Grill lunch reservation.

We’re on the dining plan and I reserved an 11:30am Garden Grill for lunch and 6pm dinner reservation for Chefs de France. I want my dining plan dollars to be well spent. Plus, the lunch at Garden Grill sounds really delicious/fresh and the venue interesting. We know for sure we want the sit down french meal for dinner (besides being very interested in the menu there, we have a connection to the head chef).

But, I’m worried that two full sit down meals in Epcot isn’t a great way to go since people rave about stopping ‘here and there’ for all kinds of goodies while touring around.

WWYD? Which is worse to miss: the variety of snacking/quick meals and touring around those lands or losing out on a great meal experience at Garden Grill. Yes, we have 2 kids, but I don’t think the characters are a make/break situation at all.

When is your trip? Will flower and garden booths be out?

No, we actually will be there the day before the show opens, unfortunately!

Sometimes some of the booths may do a “soft opening”. I do think I would take the chance. I would just keep the dinner ADR and plan on snacking around the world. You may get a couple of CS entrees to split before you try some caramels or ice cream in France!

I would drop the lunch ADR and just have some snacks instead. 2 sit down meals in a single day is a lot of food.

Thanks, PrincipalTinker and Markgrowlands! I’m really appreciative of the help I get on this forum. I’ve been so impressed, as I’ve read forums/chats over the last few months, of the ongoing willingness to help and effort put into helping people!

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