Two rope drops in one morning?

We were planing on doing the rope drop at MK on Monday 2/19 at 9am. I now see that AK has an extra magic hour at 7am. We will have our car. What is the possibility of doing the AK rope drop, hitting the two Pandora rides and then making it over to MK for the rope drop there.

It will be tight for sure. I would do FOP first and then Na’vi River as I believe the FOP line builds faster. The 7am open time should help you as there will be less people inclined to try to make it there by that time. I would make sure I was inline for park opening by 6:15 if not earlier. I hope you have a nap built in!

Even then, I’d think you’d be behind everyone at MK.

LEt’s say you could do FoP and Navii in an hour, which is pushing it, get back to your car, drive over to TTC, park, get across to MK.

People would have been arriving at MK and into the park since 8am. I wouldn’t be planning to head for Fantasyland, but if you headed straight to BTMRR and Splash, you could likely knock out those plus HM and then head to Adventureland and still be ahead of many.

I’d love to hear how you get on. It’s not for the faint-hearted!

Thanks for the advice. We will see how it goes.

Go for it. If you get there early enough at AK and really hustle, I think it can be done (and you would be a Liner’s legend if you accomplish it!)

I wouldn’t do it. Even at EMH RD I think getting both Pandora rides in in an hour would be very optimistic. And even if you did, you’d still have to make the hike back out to your car, drive to the TTC, park, and then take the mono or ferry to the MK, then clear bag check. At best, you’d be at the far back of the RD crowd. If your heart is set on this, it might actually be faster to take a bus from AK to MK; you would avoid the whole parking/TTC/mono part of the transition.

It worked out very well. We were in line for bag check at 05:45 and hour and 15 min before park open. We had some nice conversations with those around us. They let us forward in stages. We were second in line at our scanners to get in. It was our first time to use our wrist bans so they had to capture our finger prints. This pushed us back a little. When we entered the FOP line I would say there were about 75 people in front of us. We ended up on the first ride cycle. The park opened at 07:00 and we were walking through the FOP gift shop at 06:55. We had a FP for the Pandora boat ride later in the week so we went over to EE and rode it twice and was back to our car by 07:40. One thing that made the walk back to the car a bit faster is the fact that we arrived before they were directing traffic and we parked in the cast member parking at the tree line behind where the busses come in. We had a FP for SDMT so we went to the rope drop to Space Mountain by 8:10 with about 40 people in front of us. The rope drop to our left for SDMT was not bad we could have been about 100 to 120 people from the front of that one. This was on presidents’ day. We did SM, HM, BTMR and SDMT had lunch and went back for a nap. The crowed level was bad.