Two reservations help

Hi! We have a trip booked with our dvc points starting on a Monday, our friend had some booked points they couldn’t use so booked us an additional day starting on Sunday. I called and asked that
The reservations be connected or continued and they took both reservation numbers and said nothing was guaranteed. So do I have any other options or anyone have any advice for me to maybe assure those will be connected??!!! We have 4 kids and yo think we would have to move our room after one night=ugh!!!

Ask again when you check in. Even if you have done online check in, I would stop by the desk when you arrive. The chances are, if the room type is the same, same view etc, that you won’t have to move, but pack stuff for your first night in a separate bag just in case.

Enjoy your stay, and don’t worry about it. Bar the packing, they’ll move your stuff if necessary.

Oh and whether or not you have to move, bear in mind you will need to go zthrough the process of checking out and in again the next morning.