Two reservations at 8 am at BOG, can third person get into park early with us?

I was able to get two early morning reservations at BOG prior to park opening. I have not been able to get one additional seat. Going with my dad, and my daughter. Will they let all three of us into the park early or am I out of luck? Thanks!

@amykintner, Unfortunately I think you’re out of luck. I’m pretty sure they only let in the people with confirmed reservations prior to park opening, regardless of the group they are with. Try using the Touring Plans Reservation Finder, though. It’s a great tool and will save you the hassle of trying to score one last reservation for that time. Good luck!

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You might have more luck searching for another 2 or a 4 instead of 1/3. Odd number adrs are sometimes difficult to get.

Have you set up the reservation finder to search for anything in that first hour?

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