Two questions regarding Deluxe Dining Plan, sorry so many silly questions!

Sorry so many questions, seems like I think I get everything figured out and then I dig a little deeper and I don’t. I should just get things set and then step away from the computer! But you know I won’t!

First, I know you get one non-alcoholic drink with your TS meals, and I know they can’t be the ones with souvenir glasses. But for example the drinks at Yak & Yeti Restaurant, could you get the Berry Cherry Limeade or Shanghai Lemonade or Frozen Beverages Strawberry and Lemonade? Just nothing in the souvenir cup?

Second, and I will use the Yak and Yeti Restaurant as an example again since I happen to have that menu pulled up. With TS credit you get Appetizer, entrée and dessert or of course a buffet. Now with the items on the Yak & Yeti menu they have Sides listed, if I understand that right and DS16 decides he wants Fried Rice (one of his favorite foods) that would be OOP? Which is no big deal but I wanted to make sure I understood it all for budgeting purposes.

Thanks in advance for any help and sorry again for so many silly questions!!

Specialty non-alcoholic drinks without souvenir cups are generally allowed, but check with your server to be sure.

Any extra sides would be OOP. Never hurts to ask if you can sub it for the appetizer, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

ok, that’s kind of what I thought and how I remembered it from back in 2009 but there have been so many changes I wasn’t sure. Thanks!

New changes for 2016 allow you to substitute one dessert for a side I believe. I do not know if you can sub an appetizer for the side. The servers are generally great about helping you optimize your dining credits and avoiding paying oop. Never hurts to ask.

Ah, ok. Thank you! I will have to make sure that I just ask our server and see what happens!

I second the dessert swap for side. I just did it several times on the Regular dinning plan. I was never told no! Also did the specialty drinks, to include milkshakes as a drink a few times. In fact, servers suggested it as an option! I found the dinning plan to be generally more flexible this time than 3 years ago. I would sort of expect even more flexibility on the deluxe plan.

Great to hear. We haven’t been since 2009 so I know things have really changed since then so I’m not really trusting my past experience. Thanks for the info!