Two Q's about "character interaction"

First, what does “character interaction” mean? Do they actually talk to you? What do they talk about?! What do you say to them?

Second, my friend remembers just randomly bumping into cast members dressed as characters when she visited WDW a long time ago. Does that still happen, or is it all now tightly scheduled?

Character interaction covers a wide range of things. There is only one character that actually speaks to you (of those wearing a suit) and that is Mickey in Town Square in the Magic Kingdom. And while he is really cool, he’s not actually responding directly to things you say - he is using preprogrammed phrases to interact. I think. All other characters in a suit interact with gestures and many of those do give autographs and take pictures. They do a great job of getting their point across without speaking. Face characters, such as princesses and such, do talk to you, along with taking pictures. I hope that’s clear - it’s hard to explain!

And yes, while years ago I hear that characters just wandered, it happens less now and is much more “scheduled.” I wouldn’t rule out seeing an unexpected character here and there, but I wouldn’t expect it either.

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That’s very helpful – thank you :slight_smile:

There are some character meets that are in-side and some that have FP+ available for them, but ther are a lot of them that while they do have set times, they are in specific places with a photopass photographer. There are some web-sites that provide character locations and schedules if you want to know before-hand, otherwise they are all on the MDE app when you are in the parks.
Some characters are VERY poplular and the lines can be crazy - the ‘main’ princesses especially, so if you really want to see someone it is best to try and plan it out.
Touring plans has the character meets that are considered ‘attractions’ to add into your plans - the other ones you would just need to ‘schedule’ yourself - I actually put breaks in my plan for when I know I am going to do character meets. Some of them are great and a lot of fun to inter-act with. Some people just like to pose for a picture and/or get an autograph, but ‘face’ characters will try and talk to you as the character - and ‘fur’ characters - well if you tell Donald that you like him better than Mickey - you will see what people mean by interaction :slight_smile:

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My husband and I did not plan on meeting characters because usually they do have lines, but we found it really easy to randomly hop in short lines or see them just as they showed up before people lined up. I was able to snag sdfp for town square Mickey at the end fo the night and it was fun (my husband thought it was super weird).

DD told Daisy that she preferred her over Minnie, it was the best moment ever!

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