Two parades - help with touring plan

How can I tell the plan that I want the 3:00 parade before optimizing?

It’s putting it in at the earlier time because there are two parades that day.

Does it not have an option to choose a time (like Frozen Sing Along for example?)

If not, remove it from the plan

Create a Break and call it “3PM Parade” or whatever, and tell it it starts at 3pm

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That’s a good idea.

I just think the website should let you choose what parade you want. If I’m doing something wrong, I’d like to know.

I think the trouble might be that it doesn’t always have two parades a day.

Two parades are listed underneath the parade. 12 and 3.
They look like they are clickable links (underlined and in a different color).
But nothing happens when I try to click.

So I did what you suggested and it’s fine.

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Oh if they’re both listed but the site isn’t working as expected you should tag @len

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